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ann woo, xi jinping presidnt

Ann Woo meeting with Xi Jinping president

A short story from Seattle - When I flew back from Seattle this morning, I found a report on World Journal about Chairman Xi's meeting 500 Chinese-Americans in Seattle. One of the interesting thing was that we rehearsed twice in order to have pictures with Chairman Xi and his team in the shortest time (see the photo attached. The one with the light-blue top in the front was me). Actually each of us had a badge showing the Group #, Line #, and Stand # so that we know exactly where our positions were. My badge showed Group #4, Line #1, and Stand #13. The lady next to me said that #13 was an unlucky number. I replied, "The Supreme Taoist (Lao-Tze) is with me. He would drive all the devils away." Ha! Ha! The gentleman sitting on the #13 seat turned out to be Chairman Xi, right in front of me! #13 was a lucky number. Ann

西雅图的小故事 - 昨天我从西雅图飞回。我看到世界日报登载了习近平主席与500名美国华人会面的报告。500人排练了两次走台(见附照片。穿浅蓝色上衣在前面的是我。)其实我们每个人都有徽章, 背面显示组#,哪个行线#,并站的#, 使我们确切地知道我们站的位置。我的徽章显示是4组,1号行线的13号位。我旁边那位女士说,#13是一个不吉利的数字。我回答说,“太上老君在此! 任何鬼怪都要让路 "。”哈!哈!结果坐在13号座位的竟然是习近平主席,就坐在我的前面!在我们的中国文化, #13是一个吉利的数字。
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"A feast for the senses..." - The San Francisco Chronicle

Below is the SF Chronicle report about the EDF. For almost 4 decades, the SF EDF utilizes the dance and music to showcase the culture diversity in the Bay Area. Traditionally, the ethnic groups are called minorities, but EDF has shown that the so-called minorities actually the majority. In the Bay Area, each ethnic group is an integral part of the mainstream.

1) Moon Festival/China Day, September 27, 10 AM - 5 PM, at IPAC ( address: 6148 Bollinger Road, SJ) free to the public
2) December 19, 2-5 PM, Showcase by Suona Master Shude Wu and Audition for Spring Festival 2016, at IPAC at 50% to K-12
3) February 27 - March 6, 2016, Painting and Calligraphy Exhibitions and Competitions at IPAC
4) February 28, 2016, 1 - 4 PM, 13th International Competition/Showcase, at IPAC free to K-12
5) March 5, 2016, 2-3 PM, Lunar New Year Celebration at SJ CPA free to K-12
5) March 5, 2016, 7:30 PM, Global Spring Festival at SJ CPA at 50% discount to K-12

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Our Art Form and Creative Process

In Silicon Valley, thousands of Chinese of first and second generations working in hi-tech industries are known for their academic achievements and hard work. Yet Chinese cultural identity is ambiguous to many citizens, including the Chinese-Americans themselves. As global economy and world politics grow, there is a need to understand the culture of the 20% world population, and the 10% Chinese Americans in the Bay Area. America is a country of immigrants and a melting pot. However, the urgency now is not the assimilation but the preservation of the traditional arts brought over by immigrants from various countries. The arts and cultures of the world have been evolving for thousands of years. They embody the wisdom of humanity that people of today can benefit from learning and sharing the knowledge and experiences. Different cultures are like individual gems, but they need the passionate artists to make them into beautiful necklaces.
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What is Chinese culture?
Chinese culture, one of the four most ancient cultures in the world, was developed along China’s Yellow River and Yangtze River. The other three were Babylonian at Mesopotamia and Euphrates, Egyptian of Niles River, and Indian along Ganges River. While these three ancient cultures diminished and ceased in history, Chinese culture is the only one that has evolved in past 5,000 years continuously to the modern times.
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About the Chinese Spring Festival

The Chinese Spring Festival starts from Chinese New Year’s Eve. Festive activities such as parades, parties, visiting friends, etc. last for a few weeks. Children are especially looking forward to these holidays. They wear new outfits for the occasion and receive red envelopes with lucky money from adults. The children are allowed to play games and set off firecrackers for fun. Parades with lions and dragons are the must. Lions are believed to drive the devils away as the Dragon would bring raining for a good harvest in the coming year. The Spring Festival ends on the 15th day of the First Month in the lunar calendar and is called the Lantern Festival. Children and adults carry lanterns and dance on the street until mid-night. The tradition can be traced back 10,000 years, to when the Chinese tribesmen settled down to grow crops. Spring was determined as the right season to plan for a bumper harvest.
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在硅谷,数以千计的第一代和第二代的美籍华人从事高科技行业,许多人只知道他们有非凡的学术成就和勤劳工作。然而,美国人(包括华人自己)对他们的民族文化背景一无所知或只有一个模糊的概念。随着全球经济和世界政治的发展,我们有必要了解20%的世界人口和湾区10%华人的文化。美国是一个移民国家, 湾区有来自超过100个国家的移民, 一个文化大熔炉。然而,现在重要的不是同化,而是承存来自不同国家移民带来的优良文化。世界文化一直在发展,积累了数千年人类的智慧。今天,我们可以从中学习和分享各民族的知识和经验。不同的文化艺术就像一粒粒的宝石,但需要艺术家们把它们串成一条条美丽的项链。
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我想向大家介绍DeVos Institute(以下的电子邮件)提供的培训课程。其目的是培养管理艺术机构如何设定自己的目标,筹集资金,推广等。我们在美国做事应该使用美国的方式。在现代社会中,建立团队是事业成功的关键因素之一。团队不是一个现代的发明。遥想在我们中国历史上,汉高祖刘邦与张良,韩信,萧何是一个很好的团队模式。如今在硅谷,团队是成功必须的一个因素。为了实现一个项目要经过大约4个阶段:1)思>2)谋>3)操>4)果。根据我的经验,最难的是第二阶段"通盘大计的谋略",首先要知道天时,地利,人和,以计划人力,财力,时间,等等。在资本主义社会,资本是关键,首先筹集资金。美国有一个GoldenRule“黄金法则”,Theonewhohasgoldrules谁拥有黄金谁拍板。中国也有句:"六军未动,粮草先行"是同一道理。1)思>2)谋>3)操做得好,就有一个好的4)"结果";如果做得不好,就没有好结果。DeVosInstitute(以下的电子邮件)提供的培训课程是英文。不过,也有中文关于商业管理的书籍。我认为了解如何管理美国艺术或非营利组织是我们迫切的需要。
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Purpose & Operation of Non-Profit Organizations
Running a nonprofit organization is as serious as operating a for-profit business. The BOD starts with the 5W: who/what/why/where/when --> How.

Normally, the board of directors (or stockholders of a for-profit company) as the governing body should set the mission, raise capital, and hire the CEO who is to build a team. Under the direction of the CEO, the team as the executive branch should understand the mission, the market niche, formulate a master plan with a budget and timeline, then execute the master plan step by step, and modifies the strategy if something unforeseen happens. At the end, the team should learn from the success and failure of each project, to get ready for the next challenge. In electronic design, we call it a close-loop operation. Apple Computers' buildings are called Infinite Loop #1, #2, #3,….? This is the implication of improving its products continuously toward excellence.
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