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International Performing Arts Center (IPAC) is situated at the heart of the tri-city: San Jose, Cupertino, and Saratoga. This region is well-known for its excellent schools, hi-tech industry, and culture diversity. IPAC, a 14,000 sq. ft. facility (10 spacious studios and a 35’X30’ stage with 300 seating capacity) is the headquarters of Chinese Performing Arts of America (CPAA) and the only multi-discipline and multi-culture community center in Silicon Valley. The Center is also the home of many art organizations and individual artists who, together, have made great contributions in Northern California by teaching arts to 2,500 art enthusiasts every week, persistently creating new works, and serving 60,000 sit-down audiences every year. They share the same goal of building an arts center in Silicon Valley, the world-famous center of hi-tech industry. The art companies operate independently and form collaborations to present their arts.

#Art CompaniesContact Phone
1 Chinese Performing Arts of America (CPAA) and CPAA Academy 408-973-8276
2 Theatre Venture International (TVI) Ballet School and Productions 408-747-7331
3 CPAA Ballroom Dance Class/Party 408-605-3217
4 CPAA StarValley Children Choir 650-922-1196
5 CPAA Youth Chamber Orchestra (CPAA) and CPAA Academy 408-306-6889
6 CPAA Bilingual After School 408-871-1750
7 Cirque San Jose 408-515-6769
8 Yang Ru Chinese Calligraphy 408-658-7729
9 Chiffon Fu Gu-Zeng Studio 408-319-1688
10 Dang Weiguang Music Center 510-565-2083
11 Tim Ding Vocal (CPAA) and CPAA Academy 510-598-5811
12 Arts of Wing Tsun, Inc. (CPAA) and CPAA Academy 408-646-7097
13 Abhinaya Dance Company of San Jose 408-871-5959
14 Xpression Indian Folk Dance School 408-246-3005
15 Kathak Kala Vihan 408-416-6874
16 Natyalaya Indian Classical Dance 408-206-2058
17 Chaitanya Jeerage 408-439-9300
18 Katha Indian Classical Dance 408-374-8017
19 Swarasadhana Indian Vocal 408-260-7755
20 Tango Fantastico 650-766-4400
21 Northern California Line Dance Association 408-568-0499
22 Silicon Valley Performing Arts 408-207-8925
23 Happy Club 408-738-1108
24 Wellness Exercise 408-438-0858
25 Senior Er-hu Class 408-886-1208
26 Yoga Bharah 408-446-1801
27 Bollywood Curves Class 408-828-1072
28 Lasya Ranjini Class 408-829-3924
29 Zumba Class 408-482-0179
30 Karate-Do
31 Naginata
Studio RentalStudio RentalStudio RentalStudio Rental
Founded in 1991, CPAA is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. Donations to CPAA are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

IPAC Studio Rental Policy
Starting September 2015, the rental fees of the studios and rooms are listed as below:

  • Room B1, B3, B4, C1, or C6 (about 350 sq. ft.) - $35/hour
  • Studio B or School (about 700 sq. ft.) - $45/hour
  • Studio A, Studio D, or Studio H (about 1,000 sq. ft.) - $55/hour
  • Studio C (about 1,400 sq. ft.) - $65/hour

All rooms and studios in IPAC are of multi-purpose for dance, music, painting, seminar, art exhibition, workshop, weddings, birthday parties, performance, etc. For example, Studio A, Studio H, and Studio C can be combined to seat 300 audience with a 35’ X 30’ stage for a big gathering. Extra charge is required if food is served. Please contact 408-605-3217 or 408-973-8276 for other services.

For ballroom dance drop-in classes, the policy is to use any space available without interfering other normal classes. The rate is $15/hr for 2, $20/hr for 3, $25/hr for 4, or $6/person/hr for 5 and up. Please sign the drop-in sheet and pay in advance. For the security reason, you are not allowed to lock a door for any class.

International Performing Arts Center Rental/Lease Form Click to download and print the PDF form

Rental/Lease Form

International Performing Arts Center Rental/Lease Form