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Studio RentalStudio RentalStudio RentalStudio Rental

IPAC Studio Rental Policy
The rental fees of the studios and rooms for group lessons are listed as below:

  • Room B1, B3, B4, C1, or C6 (about 350 sq. ft.) - $35/hour
  • Studio B or School (about 700 sq. ft.) - $45/hour
  • Studio A, Studio D, or Studio H (about 1,000 sq. ft.) - $55/hour
  • Studio C (about 1,400 sq. ft.) - $70/hour

The rental fees of large amount of people parties are listed as below:

  • Studio B or School, Studio D - $100/hour   (around 50 people)
  • Studio C,H  with stage - $250/hour  (up to 300 people)
  • Sound system, lighting, DJ and Cleanup up fee (if serving meal) are extra.

All rooms and studios in IPAC are of multi-purpose for dance, music, painting, seminar, art exhibition, workshop, weddings, birthday parties, performance, etc. For example, Studio A, Studio H, and Studio C can be combined to seat 300 audience with a 35’ X 30’ stage for a big gathering. Extra charge is required if food is served. Please contact 408-605-3217 or 408-973-8276 for reservation or other services.

For ballroom dance drop-in classes, the policy is to use any space available without interfering other normal classes. The rate is $15/hr for up to 3 person, additional $5 for each additional people. Please sign the drop-in sheet and pay in advance.

For the security reason, you are not allowed to lock a door for any class.

International Performing Arts Center Rental/Lease Form Click to download and print the PDF form

Rental/Lease Form

International Performing Arts Center Rental/Lease Form