CPAA Academy

CPAA Arts Center
CPAA's mission has always been to introduce Chinese performing arts to American general public as an integral part of American society. Now, CPAA Arts Center takes on serving our community and cultivating local talents as the primary goals of the center.

Spacious Performing & Visual Arts Facility
The arts center occupies14,000 sq ft of space, housing 3 multi-purpose auditoriums and 10 medium to small-sized rehearsal rooms, suitable for various kinds of arts and culture activities. It can hold art exhibits of paintings and sculpture, chamber music concerts and recitals, dance performances, as well as drama and Chinese opera shows.

Distinguished Artists and Instructors
CPAA Art Center retains a large pool of superb artists and arts educators as instructors for classes in Western and Chinese musical instruments, dance, drama, and visual arts. Classes of special interests include music composition, chamber music, wushu (martial arts), Konghou (Chinese harp), and Peking Opera. The curriculum is designed to be comparable to that of professional conservatories. Students can arrange to take multiple classes in related disciplines and thrive in a comprehensive environment for well-rounded artistic growth. To give the students the ultimate incentive to practice and opportunities to perform, CPAA will select a premium group of students each year to participate in its annual professional showcase performance. Artists Bios

Workshops, Classes and Clubs
CPAA Art Center is open to adult members of the community for self-enrichment activities, such as singing, dancing, painting, and acting workshops in addition to the formal training described above. Students may also enroll in cultural classes presented by local groups such as Payvand Arts and Cultural School and Dances from India. Please take this wonderful opportunity to beautify your life and our community by joining in these art and cultural activities.

CPAA Arts Center is located at:
6148 Bollinger Road, San Jose, CA 95129
Tel: (408) 973-8276

CPAA Arts Center After School Registration Form

CPAA Arts Center After School Registration Form

CPAA Learning Center After School Program

CPAA Learning Center is located in West San Jose bordering Cupertino and Saratoga. Taught by professional teachers in spacious classrooms, the students learn simplified Chinese with Pinyin system as well as choices of math, English writing, art, dance, Kung Fu, and gymnastics. Our goal is to teach every child bilingual, creative, and physically fit. CPAA Learning Center is a nurturing ground for our children to grow up to be all-round citizens of our community.

Tuition & Fees

Application fee: $50.00 per student per year

Monthly tuition 12:00-6:30 / 2:00-6:30

5 days/week: $520 / $420

4 days/week: $420 / $340

3 days/week: $330 / $270

2 days/week: $240 / $190

Sibling discount $ 20 off per month for 2nd child.
Extended care $25 (9:00-2:00).
Pick up fee:$120/month, pay to the driver directly.

飞扬中文学校位于 Cupertino 和 West San Jose 之间,有宽大良好 的学习环境,为学前班至六年级学生提供优质的课后才艺课程, 功课辅导和中文教学。学校以中 文教学为主,采用简体字和汉语 拼音教学。从课程和教学设计都 以学生为主,因材施教。旨在提 高学生语言运用能力,达到听说 读写全面发展。学校拥有优秀的 师资和优质的教学课程,本着有 教无类的原则,注重学生的品格 教育,培养全方位发展的人才,服务社区,和孩子们共同成长。