International Arts Council – Silicon Valley (IAC-SV)

International Arts Council - Silicon Valley

International Arts Council - Silicon Valley

International Arts Council - Silicon Valley (IAC-SV)

Address: International Performing Arts Center, 6148 Bollinger Road, San Jose, CA 95129
Telephone: (408) 973-8276...

Mission – to provide a platform for international artists to showcase their arts and promote world harmony through international culture exchange, and to build a center of arts in the center of hi-tech, Silicon Valley.

Introduction - Silicon Valley is a region well-known for its hi-tech industry, culture diversity, and inclusiveness that contribute to its strength both in business opportunities and quality of life. In this most culture diverse region of America, people’s imagination, innovation, creativity, and teamwork are the essence of the prosperity of Silicon Valley. The immigrants from over 100 nations and regions of the world have preserved some of the best parts of their heritage while maintaining their roots in their homelands. We the international artists have found Silicon Valley, an ideal incubator of arts. Our ultimate goal is to build a center of arts in the center of hi-tech.

IAC-SV committee comprises of leaders of famous international artists who oversee the operation of the annual programs while CPAA bears all financial and legal responsibilities. Founded in 1991, CPAA (Chinese Performing Arts of America) is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization and has over 20 years of experiences in production and presentation of full-scale performances. The headquarters is IPAC, 14,000 sq. ft. facility professionally built and managed by CPAA. It is an arts center with 10 studios and a 35’X30’ stage and 300 seating capacity, ideal for parties, small and medium performances.

Annual Programs:
Spring Festival Silicon Valley (SFSV); Silicon Valley International Arts Competition (SVIAC); Touring Performances, International Summer Camp; Moon Festival; Painting/Calligraphy Exhibitions/sale; Arts & craft exhibition/sale/seminars;
Concerts; School recitals, seminars and workshops.

Membership: International professional artists, art & culture organizations. Membership fee: $200/year or 1 performance in the annual major event.

1) Participation in IAC’s annual events and 20% discount on tickets to all events presented by IAC-SV
2) 2 free press conferences before 2 PM, M-F and $100 rental discount for a company function held at IPAC
3) Free promotion through events organized by IAC-SV
4) Discount rental and insurance premium through co-sponsorship of IAC-SV
5) IAC-SV serves as the fiscal agent of its members to receive donations with tax-deduction

Art School Members:
San Jose Cirque, W San Jose, 408-515-6769
Mr. Duan’s Arts Gallery, Cupertino, 408-417-4179
Sun’s Kung Fu Academy, S San Jose, 510-926-5434
Dragon Rhythm Shaolin Kungfu, Fremont, 510-329-7199
Pure Shaolin Kung Fu School, W San Jose, 408-255-6999
Silicon Valley Kung Fu Academy, S San Jose, 408-886-0299
CPAA Star Valley Children Choir, W San Jose, 650-922-1196
Dang Weigang’s Music Center, Fremont, 510-565-2083
Silicon Valley International Youth Orchestra, W San Jose, 408-306-6889
Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Academy of America, San Leandro, 510-430-1890
All Star Kung Fu Academy, Mountain View & Sunnyvale, 408-881-2880
Xpressions, W San Jose, 408- 838-3079
Yunnan Folk Association, Cupertino, 510-846-5185
Annie Piano Studio, W San Jose, 408-887-0898
Theatre Ventures International (TVI) Ballet School, W San Jose, 408-747-7331
Lifang Wang Beijing Opera Studio, Sunnyvale, 408-832-1954
Chiffon Fu Gu-zheng Studio, W San Jose, 408-319-1688
CPAA Dance School, W San Jose, 408-973-8276
CPAA Chinese School, W San Jose, 408- 890-8496
Kung Fu & Tai Chi, Milpitas, 408-886-0299

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