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ann woo, xi jinping presidnt

Ann Woo meeting with Xi Jinping president

A short story from Seattle - When I flew back from Seattle this morning, I found a report on World Journal about Chairman Xi's meeting 500 Chinese-Americans in Seattle. One of the interesting thing was that we rehearsed twice in order to have pictures with Chairman Xi and his team in the shortest time (see the photo attached. The one with the light-blue top in the front was me). Actually each of us had a badge showing the Group #, Line #, and Stand # so that we know exactly where our positions were. My badge showed Group #4, Line #1, and Stand #13. The lady next to me said that #13 was an unlucky number. I replied, "The Supreme Taoist (Lao-Tze) is with me. He would drive all the devils away." Ha! Ha! The gentleman sitting on the #13 seat turned out to be Chairman Xi, right in front of me! #13 was a lucky number. Ann

西雅图的小故事 - 昨天我从西雅图飞回。我看到世界日报登载了习近平主席与500名美国华人会面的报告。500人排练了两次走台(见附照片。穿浅蓝色上衣在前面的是我。)其实我们每个人都有徽章, 背面显示组#,哪个行线#,并站的#, 使我们确切地知道我们站的位置。我的徽章显示是4组,1号行线的13号位。我旁边那位女士说,#13是一个不吉利的数字。我回答说,“太上老君在此! 任何鬼怪都要让路 "。”哈!哈!结果坐在13号座位的竟然是习近平主席,就坐在我的前面!在我们的中国文化, #13是一个吉利的数字。